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Bombshell by Jessica Prince

by | May 11, 2021 | Books, Contemporary, New releases, Reading, Recommendations, Reviews, Romance, SmallTown | 0 comments

The first book in the new spin-off series from Jessica Prince is live. Bombshell is the first book in the small-town series that follow the girls at the burlesque club, Whiskey Dolls.

3.5 stars
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He’d hated me first, so I figured it was only fair I hate the stupid, sexy jerk back.

After ending the world’s worst relationship, Marin Grey had sworn off men. So it was rather inconvenient that she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes and thoughts off the Ice King himself, Pierce Walton–also known as her ex-boyfriend’s older, much hotter brother.

He was cold, callous, and rude. He was also the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on, which made the fact that he’d hated her from first sight all the more unfair.

When circumstances dictate they put their swords away so Marin can help Pierce take care of his son, that ice-cold hate suddenly takes a turn into something much hotter. And if they aren’t careful, they could both be burned alive.

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Bombshell, literally

This book really lives up to it’s gorgeous cover, and it’s name is quite fitting. Bombshell is a new small-town romance series from Jessica Prince – and it’s a really good start. It’s a spinoff from Hope Valley, and follows the girls from the burlesque club Whiskey Dolls. 

After a very abusive relationship, Marin is not really looking for another man. But then she continues bumping into her ex’s brother, Pierce. From the first meeting they had a connection, but Marin is convinced he hates her, so she hates him right back. Pierce comes across as surly and cold, but this gradually changes and we see more sides to him. I really enjoyed how this went from “hate”, to friendship and then to more. 

I really believed in the connection and chemistry between the two main characters, I loved the build-up, and really felt it when it all came crashing down. A very entertaining read and it was hard to put down. I can’t wait to see where this goes next, but I honestly would have liked a bit more groveling 😂 


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