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The Mercy of Demons – by Candice Wright

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Books, MC, New releases, Reviews, RH, Romance | 0 comments

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3.5 stars
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The Mercy of Demons: An Underestimated Novel Book 6

It started as a deadly game long before I was born
But when a bullet takes my memories and the life of my friend
I return to the one place that offers me safety
Only the monster that hunts me outside these gates has nothing on the demons inside them.
Their darkness holds me captive, drawing me in and stealing pieces of me I can’t afford to lose.
With no memory of my past and an uncertain future,
The girl they crave is just an illusion.
Love can be lethal but then so can I
And when the real me wakes up, it’s with fire in my blood and the taste of deceit on my tongue.
White lies and red flags blur the lines between justice and vengeance
But the game isn’t over till someone wins
Or until they beg for Mercy

The end …


Its such a bummer that this book is the last one in this series! I’m sure we will see the characters and club(s) again in other books though. But still..

Mercy of Demons was a great read and a great ending to the series, it ties everything up nicely and gives closure. But I really hope we see some spin-offs really soon ..

Mercy experiences something traumatic, and has to spend time with the Chaos Demons. Kaz, Whizz and Scope goes to get her, but no one counted on Scope getting obsessed and releasing all his crazy all at once (or did they?). And let me tell you, the level of craziness in this book is off the charts. It also funny how Kaz and Whizz thinks they can balance an rein in Scopes craziness. Turns out they are not entirely sane themselves – and Mercy beats them all. At everything.

Honestly, I did not want this book to end. It was hilarious, funny, steamy, full of action and had twists and turns I never saw coming.   All good things must come to an end though, and I can’t wait to see whats next and I’m sure will see our favorite characters again.


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