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by | Mar 17, 2019 | Books, Random | 0 comments

Wanderlust  [won-der-luhst]
1  a strong innate desire to rove or travel about.

I have always been a restless soul, and I guess that it´s in my genes since I come from a long line of sea travelers. I have a thirst to see and explore the world, but travel is not always possible since I do have other responsibilites that keeps me stationary much of the time. I am a worker bee after all.

But I have travelled the world through books, I have seen the rise and fall of empires, and even civilisations. I’ve gone deep-sea diving and hunted treasures in ancient worlds. I have explored the far corners of the world and even travelled through space. Books have shown me the world, and offered an escape from reality when needed. Literature offer endless possibilities and I can honestly say that my favourite thing in the whole world is to sit in the quiet and read. 

“Books are a uniquely portable magic. “
                                                 – Stephen King

Broaden your horizons, read a book.

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