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Wild Country by Anne Bishop

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Dark Fantasy, New releases, Reading, Reviews | 0 comments

Wild Country (World of the Others)

by Anne Bishop

There are ghost towns in the world—places where the humans were annihilated in retaliation for the slaughter of the shape-shifting Others.

One of those places is Bennett, a town at the northern end of the Elder Hills—a town surrounded by the wild country. Now efforts are being made to resettle Bennett as a community where humans and Others live and work together. A young female police officer has been hired as the deputy to a Wolfgard sheriff. A deadly type of Other wants to run a human-style saloon. And a couple with four foster children—one of whom is a blood prophet—hope to find acceptance.
But as they reopen the stores and the professional offices and start to make lives for themselves, the town of Bennett attracts the attention of other humans looking for profit. And the arrival of the outlaw Blackstone Clan will either unite Others and humans…or bury them all.


I have to say that I have loved this series since the very first book. I absolutely adored Simon, Meg and the other residents of the Lakeside Courtyard, including the human pack. And despite the “good” ending I was pretty sad when I heard that the next book in the series would not be in Lakeside at all, but rather in another part of Thaisia. I was of course happy that the series would continue, but still a bit disappointed when I read Lake Silence. It was like I read a book from a completely different series, for me the tone was off and I struggled to get into the story and finish the book.

But with Wild Country we are back on track. I loved this, it had familiar characters and the tone, setting and writing was just flawless. The story grabbed me by the throat and I had to finish the book, it just flowed from chapter to chapter.

In Wild Country we follow Jana Paniccia as she travels to the newly re-populated town of Bennett to work as a deputy. And here we also meet familiar characters like Tolya, Jesse Walker and John Wolfgaard.  The story shares timeline with Etched in Bone and we see what effects the catastrophic events in Lakeside had on the town of Bennett. With the Wild Country on your doorstep and the elders closely watching there is no safety in the dark. 

I seriously did not want this book to end, and I`m excited to see what`s next in the world of The Others.


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