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Re-reading Suzanne Wright

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Reading, Reading order, Recommendations

“Thou shalt not let a day pass without rereading something great.”
This week has been a bit slow in terms of new and exciting books for me. So instead I´ve been re-reading books by Suzanne Wright, mostly the Phoenix/Mercury pack series. I really like her books and read almost everything she publishes, (the last book being “Shiver”, so good!), and I´ve been hooked on her Phoenix/Mercury books since the beginning. Re-reading is something I love – because I know I´ ll like the story, love the characters and the journey is safe, known and comfortable. And sometimes I discover new and fun things I missed in the first (or second) reading. But sometimes I find that I´ve outgrown the story, or that it´s not as good as I remember – those times suck. But still, love to read my favourite books again and again and again. While re-reading this week I found the reading order of Phoenix/Mercury pack a bit confusing, since the two series intertwine and overlaps. And I´m one of those people that have to read everything in order. I´m pretty sure mye head would explode if I didn´t read a series in the correct order. And as far as I could figure out, this is the correct reading order of both series:

– Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack 1)
– Wicked Cravings
(The Phoenix Pack 2)
– Carnal Secrets
(The Phoenix Pack 3
– Dark Instincts
(The Phoenix Pack 4)
– Spiral of Need
(Mercury Pack 1)
– Savage Urges
(The Phoenix Pack book 5)
– Force of Temptation
(Mercury Pack 2)
– Fierce Obsession
(The Phoenix Pack 6)
– Lure of Oblivion
(Mercury Pack 3)
– Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack 7)
– Echoes of Fire
(Mercury Pack 4)
– Untamed Delights
(The Phoenix Pack 8)
– Shards of Frost (The Mercury Pack 5)

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