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Reese by Candice Wright

by | Jul 14, 2022 | New releases, Recommendations, Reviews, RH, Romance | 0 comments

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I don’t think I’ve met a book by Candice Wright I haven’t liked yet, and Reese is no exception. I love how she creates strong, confident women who doesn’t care what others think – they just do what they think and feel is right. In this RH, and second book in the Candy Shop series, Reese have to return to her hometown to solve a mystery while having to face her past, and the people she left behind. 

This was an intense and dark pageturner with plenty of steam, action and the famous twists and turns you never see coming. And while it is book two in a series and it can be read as a standalone – I highly reccommend reading Dulce as well.

Go grap a copy of Reese – The Candy Shop book 2 here. 


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