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The Girl in the Moon

by | May 7, 2018 | Books, Reviews, Thriller&Suspense

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The girl in the moon

By Terry Goodkind
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Angela Constantine is a girl born broken.

The daughter of a meth addict, Angela is convinced she was born a monster. Haunted by an abusive childhood, she was forced to become a woman far too soon. And in the process, she became more.

Angela Constantine has a secret.

Living in a secluded mountain cabin and juggling several jobs, Angela leads a double life right under everyone’s noses. Because her family’s bloodline carries the ability to recognize killers, she adopts a solitary existence in service of her own violent mission in life. When she unexpectedly finds herself stalked, Angela is the only one who knows the truth of what they are about to do. She’s an unlikely hero. She’s also our only hope.

Angela Constantine is… The Girl in the Moon.

My two cents:
Angela goes through some horrific things in this book, and it all plays a part in shaping her as a person. She´s strong but certainly anti-social, and don´t care what others think of her. I found Angelas character hard to relate to, or even like – and that made the first half of the book a bit boring, and slow paced. But she probably is the most well written anti-hero I´ve come across so far.

I thought the story got better when Jack and the Mossad got involved. And that was probably the moment this book came together for me, and I really understood what I was reading and got invested in the story. But I kept thinking where is Kate? And I kept hoping she would show up. 

This is sort of the sequel to Nest, I think. I don´t think its a must to have read “Nest” before this one, but it probably gives you a better reading experience if you have. It gives you some background going in to this one. 

For me this is a 2-3 star read, mostly due to the slow paced and a bit preachy first half. But I´m giving it a 3 because it got better towards the end, and we got to catch up with Jack&friends.