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A reader’s quirks

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Random, Reading | 0 comments

What are your reading quirks?

I think that every reader has a few reading quirks and when I really think about it – I have a lot of them. That’s why I absolutely love the Reading Quirks comic strip by The Wild Detectives, I can relate 😂
I´m also curious about what kind of quirks other readers have. Here’s a few of mine:

# I -have- to read books in order. If I find out that a book are part of a series, or losely connected to others – I stop reading and get the first book.
# I read too fast, and often skip words. That means that I often have to go back a few pages, or reread a book – which is no hardship most of the time.
# I buy books based on the “bad” reviews. If I think a book looks interesting (cover/blurb), I will read all the bad reviews first. Just to see if the things being said would bother me, then I read the positive reviews. That way I avoid books that contain things I don’t like – most of the time.
# I have to finish books I start. I think there’s only a couple I haven’t been able to finish, and they really annoy me.
# If I really love a book, I’ll get the hardback to put in my “library”. (I dust my books with a soft paintbrush as well).
# I often read while doing things like walking, cooking, drying my hair etc – guess I’m constantly reading, and struggle to put a book down once I’ve started.
# I hate cliffhangers and open endings, so I won’t start a series until it’s finished (if the story is told over several books).
# I have to read every day. When my brain hurts I reread books from some of my favourite authors.
# I’ve never gotten the hang of using bookmarks, so I dog-ear 🙈
# When I travel I find the nearest bookstore and buy a book. Most of the time I can´t read it, but  it´s my kind of souvenir.
# I´m often so lost in the book I´m reading that I don´t hear what´s going on around me. And forget talking to me.


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Created by The Wild Detectives – Reading Quirks (illustrations by Laura Pacheco).


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