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Crash Into Me by L.A. Fiore

by | Jul 24, 2020 | Books, Contemporary, New releases, Reading, Reviews, Romance, Suspense | 0 comments

Crash into me is a new romantic suspense release that brings back the magic of earlier L.A. Fiore books. And in my opinion one you really need to put on your list of books to read. 
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Crash Into Me

When a stabbing death calls homicide detective Molly Donahue and her partner to Central Park, it’s just the beginning of a string of murders in an investigation that leads them to Los Angeles, and the death of a Hollywood starlet three decades earlier.

During the course of their investigation, they interview billionaire Kade Wakefield. Molly isn’t prepared for her reaction to him. He’s stoic, intense and possibly on the wrong side of the law, but she’s undeniably attracted.

Kade Wakefield isn’t expecting detective Molly Donahue. She’s the law, and he follows it when it suits him, but the insatiable hunger she stirs has his well-honed control pushing at the cage to break free.

As the investigation heats up, they start an intensely passionate affair but soon learn what’s between them is more than physical, something they’re willing to give it all up for, but her case takes a deadly turn and the one she hunts is now hunting them.


Crash into me is everything I love about a L.A. Fiore book. It’s so well written, fast-paced and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  Not to mention all the feels! It was a roller coaster of emotions from start to finish. intense love story wrapped around murder and suspense

Detective Molly Donahue and her partner are investigating a murder and soon find ties to another murder several years ago. During the investigation, Kade Wakefield is a person they need to question. Que insane attraction and chemistry between Molly and Kade. While the bodies are piling up, Kade and Molly try to stay away from each other, to no avail.

I love that Molly is a strong independent woman that while having a strong moral compass, also sees the shades of grey in this world. And Kade really tops my list of swoon-worthy alpha males after this book. The building of this love story was just beautiful, and the balance between murder/mystery and love story was just perfect.

Throw in awesome side characters that I really hope we’ll see more of in future books, and you have a book that is on the top of my favorites list this year. And a book that I’ll probably re-read again and again.


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