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Crossing the Line by Jessica Prince

by | Sep 18, 2021 | New releases, Reading, Reviews, Romance, SmallTown | 0 comments

5 stars
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Crossing the Line

Some lines are meant to be crossed.

Trent Montgomery knew all about loyalty and responsibility. Tracking down his friend’s long-lost sister and making sure she was safe was just another job, a favor from someone he cared about. He wasn’t supposed to get attached. But when he started to fall for the woman who had been hiding from the world, things got a lot more complicated than he ever expected.

Cheyanne Knightly knew all about living in fear. The life she’d made for her and her daughter was as stable as a house of cards. One stiff breeze could send her whole world crumbling. But when a new guy blew into her small town, stirring up Whitecap’s rumor mill, she found herself drawn to him in a way she never expected.

Lies were told. Secrets were uncovered. Lines were crossed. When the truth finally came out, Trent had to find a way to protect the woman who stole his heart while he tried to earn her trust back.

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Awesome start to a new adventure

Crossing the Line is the first book in a brand new series set in the small town of Whitecap. This is where Sawyer/Cheyanne made a home with her daughter after making her escape. But while she and her daughter has become a part of this tight knit community, she’s never stopped looking over her shoulder. And every newcomer could be a threat.

Trent is a man on a mission and he is a part of the Alpha Omega team that is trying to locate Charlotte’s long lost twin (Hope Valley). Leads and intel has led him to Whitecap, but everything changes when he finally sets eyes on their missing person. And nothing is as black and white as he thought anymore.

I can honestly say that this story had me captivated from the very first page. Despite this being a new town it felt familiar, and I’m excited to get to know the people in this town even better in future books. Trent and Cheyanne had an instant connection and a ton of chemistry. The slow-burn, combined with witty banter, humor, intrigue and secrets kept me glued to my kindle. An emotional, heartwarming story that is going straight to the top of my favorite list and its probably one I’ll re-read countless times.


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