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Deception and Chaos by S.M Soto

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Reading, Reviews, Romance, Suspense | 0 comments

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Sophia Cova lived a quiet, normal life, shadowed in sadness after the loss of her parents in a tragic airline accident. With her older brother being her only living relative and her anchor, Sophia is sure she’s destined for a brighter future. But that was until she was taken.

Stolen from her mundane, orderly life, she was drugged, and woke to every woman’s worst nightmare.

With only four grimy basement walls and a rancid mattress, she loses her sense of time, and preserves what’s left of her dignity by hurtling herself into the safety of her mind. The men, the beatings, they come and go with no reaction, until she hears one word that sends an arctic chill through her body. Sold.

On the eve of Sophia’s bidding, all hell breaks loose in the mansion of horrors. Gunfire and screams erupt all around her, as panic rises.

Snatched by one monster only to be taken by another, Sophia slowly starts to learn that not everything is as it seems. When secrets unravel, and the twisted game of cat and mouse ensues, The Puppeteer pulls his favorite strings and chaos brews. Lives are lost while the clock ticks, and only time will tell who will be killed next…


Usually I´m not a fan of dark and/or twisted “romance” stories. For me there has to be a balance between dark and light, hope and hopelessness, and many books I´ve read in the dark/twisted romance genré falls a bit off the mark for me. They are either too dark or twisted, or it kinda reads like a parody. This book did not have that problem, it was also very well written and I got hooked into the story straight away. It’s a dark and gritty book, and due to the subject matter and triggers – not for everyone.

The first chapters of this book was very dark, twisted and intense. I really felt for Sophia and just kept hoping she’d get away before she broke completely. Some of the scenes were truly hard to read, and I kinda want to focus my opinion of this book on the events after the rescue – without giving away details.

Sophie and Creed’s story starts at the rescue, but Sophie has a hard time ahead, trying to cope and heal both physically and mentally. Creed is certainly not an easy person, and has a lot of secrets. And as the story unfolds it becomes clear that it’s far from over, and that Sophie is still in danger. The twists and turns in this book kept me on the edge of my seat, and don’t get me startet on all the secrets. I really wanted to read more about the secondary characters in this book, and especially Garrett, since they played such a big part of the rescue and the time after. The book is written in Sophia’s POV, and I kinda missed other perspectives and it felt a bit one dimensional at times. Since it’s the first of three books I hope we get more POV’s in the next book, and also more answers. Enjoyed the book, did not enjoy the cliffhanger and look forward to the next one.


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