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Dulce by Candice Wright

by | May 19, 2022 | Contemporary, Dark, New releases, Reviews, RH, Romance | 0 comments

3.5 stars
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Dulce: The Candy Shop

Welcome to the Candy shop

Where poison never tasted so sweet…

In the high-stakes world of sexpionage, the women of the Candy shop are at the top of their game.

Femmes Fatales who play by their own rules

And though Dulce might be the youngest, it doesn’t make her any less deadly than her sisters.

Everything is black or white

You’re either innocent or evil, the victim or the soon to be avenged.

But with the justice system wrapped up in red tape, she has seen too many criminals slip through the cracks unpunished.

That’s when Dulce steps in.

She can’t be bought, persuaded, or coerced and she’s never failed to catch her mark

But falling in love is a trap Dulce never saw coming.

Now black and white have turned her world a murky gray

And the ones she loves could be the very people she’s hunting.

Walking away isn’t an option

Pulling the trigger, her only way out

But will she survive with her heart intact

Or will it cost Dulce her life?

Authors note: Dulce is a collector of peen meaning the lucky lady ends up living the dream with a peen for every occasion. There are even some M/M scenes so if that’s not your jam or if you are looking for a straight-up M/F romance you might want to check out one of my other books. However, if you like your bananas by the bunch then please follow me down the rabbit hole.

Triggers: This book is not a particularly dark romance however it does contain some dark themes so please proceed with caution. Due to its content, this book is only suitable for people over the age of eighteen.

Review – The start of a new series

The Candy Shop girls first appeared in the Underestimated series, and I have been looking forward to them getting their own series. For some reason this book had a different feel and vibe than what I’m used to from Wrights’ books. And I’ll be very honest and say that I had real trouble getting into this story. And I don’t even know why, because the writing is great as always. But I powered through it, and at some point I got really invested in the story. So my advice is: if you struggle like me, keep going! 

In the end I really liked this story. It’s slightly psychotic with a twist of crazy, but not too dark. And the hotness level is through the roof. All in all a good start to the series, and I’m excited to see what’s next for the Candy Shop girls.


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