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Guilty Pleasure by Jessica Prince

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Books, Contemporary, New releases, Reading, Reviews, Romance, SmallTown | 0 comments

Guilty Pleasure, a new enemies to lovers second chance romance from Jessica Prince.
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Guilty Pleasure (Redemption Book 4)

The only thing worse than living in a town where everyone hates you is having to work for the man who broke your heart.

Redemption, Tennessee held nothing but painful memories that Lark Ashton had no desire to rehash. After the only man she’s ever loved crush her soul and spirit, and all her friends turned their backs on her, she swore to herself she’d never go back. But when her aunt calls, asking a favor she can’t possibly refuse, Lark finds herself public enemy number one . . . again.

Clay Morrison has spent seven years trying to convince himself he’s no longer in love with Lark Ashton. But when the woman he thinks betrayed him and his family returns, she brings with her a whole slew of feelings he’s worked hard to ignore. Now he can’t get the bane of his existence out of his head.

She’s in desperate need of a job. He can’t resist the chance to have her at his mercy.

And they’re both about to discover what happens when the most intense passion they’ve ever felt is with a person they hate.

A second chance Review

Not a secret that I don’t really like reading second chance romance books. But when it’s a Jessica Prince book, I know it’ll be good.

This book slayed me. It was a hard book to read in many ways, cause the writing was so good it really brought the story alive. And it’s been a while since reading a book made me cry, and so angry that I nearly had to invest in another kindle. It’s a story about betrayal and heartbreak, but also forgiveness and second chances.

Being back in a town that hates her, and does not try to hide it, the last thing Lark needs is being around Clay. Despite being enemies, the chemistry between Clay and Lark is very real. They try to hate each other but don’t quite pull it off. It’s a thin line between love and hate, and maybe they don’t hate each other as much after all. But without resolving the past, there will be no future.

I usually love the small towns Jessica Prince writes about, like Hope Valley and Redemption. But this book also showed another side to small-town living. And honestly, it made me hate Redemption a little bit. The level of meanness from the townspeople and Clay was unreal. They were kind of bullies, and all because of something they thought was true. Luckily they make up for it in the end.

This review is kinda all over the place I feel, but it is only fitting in a way; cause that’s what reading the book made me feel. I’ll just finish this off by saying that I hope we get a story featuring Clay’s brother. 




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