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The boy I grew up with by Tijan

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Books, Cover reveal, Reveals and Tours, Romance

Got a really good surprise today in my inbox – the cover reveal for Heather and Channings book. Just look at this:
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Title: The Boy I Grew Up With
Author: Tijan
Release date: October 29


I have loved Channing Monroe all my life.

In first grade, he asked for my Trapper Keeper.
I hit him in the head with it.
Third grade, we were best friends. We kissed in seventh grade.
Eighth grade, he turned into a bad boy and the rest was a tumultuous storm.

Growing up, the problem was never love for us.
Bad times. Good times. There were times when I felt our love in every inch of my body, vibrating, making me feel like it could bring me back to life.

The problem was us.

The problem is that weโ€™re from two different worlds now.
Fallen Crest and its millionaires for me. Roussou and their criminals for him. I was thriving in mine and he was running his.


But there were nights I felt we couldnโ€™t be further apart than we were, and there were nights I felt we shared the same heartbeat.

When was it time?
When was it time to either sacrifice, make a change, or walk away from the boy I grew up with?

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