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Until April by Aurora Rose Reynolds

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Books, Contemporary, New releases, Reading, Reviews, Romance | 0 comments

5 stars
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Until April

With happily ever after being something that happens to other people, April Mayson has decided to put all her energy into her career and living her best life, and things are better than ever.

Little does she know that her world is about to be turned upside down when she’s asked to help out a family friend, Maxim Kauwe.

Now, she’s dealing with a man unlike any she’s ever met before, her ex—a famous musician who’s decided he wants her back—and a possible serial killer.

With all the drama suddenly swirling around her, she will have to figure out if she is brave enough to trust Maxim with her heart and maybe even her life.

Review: So intense

I feel like I’ve waited forever for April’s story, and it was not what I expected – it was way better.

Maxim is Kai and Myla’s son, and he is just as intense and alpha as his father if not more. April is fiercly independent and likes to be in control of her own life. When asked to help Maxim find property, she is hesitant. She remembers him from years before, you don’t forget your first kiss after all. But she have a hunch that this just might be a game changer, and change the course of her life.

The attraction and chemistry between the two is still there and they burn hotter than ever. There was little buildup towards them being together though, they just hit 100 mph straight away. But I honestly have trouble imagining it happen any other way. It just fit the story and the characters.

This story was just everything I love about this series. It had drama, suspense, humor, a determined alpha and a heroine that takes no sh*t from anyone. The thing I enjoyed most when reading this story was the pace and balance. It was just the right amount of everything. I honestly think this is one of my favorites in this series, and it ticked all my boxes. Van’t wait to see what’s next in this series.


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