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What I wish authors would do

by | May 24, 2020 | Books, Random, Reading | 0 comments

The continued lockdown is kicking my ass, and as a result, I’m reading more than ever. I do a lot of re-reading of my favorite books, and I also scour Amazon for new books and authors. But finding books to read is difficult in the jungle of books, especially when you have a few pet peeves and some triggers.

I’ll read books from every genre, from fantasy to romance, mystery and thrillers. I read to relax and escape real-life for a while. So the things I like to read really reflect what my life is like at the time. If I’m having a hard time, or there’s lots of drama in my life – I will not read books with dark and twisted themes, or lots of unnecessary drama. Everything depends on my mood and where I’m at. 

But like all readers, I have a few pet peeves. Some of them are minor, and I can overlook them if the book is great and well written. But my absolute no-nos are cheating and triangles in romance books. I really can’t handle it if the main characters cheat after they’re together. Some like books like that or don’t mind, but I just can’t stand it. 

Making a wish

So that brings me to what I wish more authors would do. After the blurb, write a few lines about possible triggers, if there are any. Some authors are getting really good at including something about this, or saying that this book does not contain violence, cheating, love triangles etc. Others, not so much.

Because of this, I always read the 1- and 2-star reviews before I read books from unknown authors. That tells me real quick if this book is for me or not. But I really don’t want to read bad reviews, cause reviews like that are no fun and I feel bad for the author. And let’s face it; they write many of those reviews because of the lack of trigger warning after the blurb. So that’s my wish, more mention of possible triggers! 🙂




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