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Bull by Penny Dee

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Books, Contemporary, MC, New releases, Reading, Reviews, Romance | 0 comments

Bull is the 6th book in The Kings of Mayhem universe, and one I’ve been looking forward to reading for ages. 
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Bull (The kings of Mayhem 6)

I lost my wife on a rainy night almost two decades ago.
Since then, my heart has been a barren wasteland.
It only knows love for family and the club.
And for revenge.
Then I meet Taylor and I know I’m doomed.
Because she’s everything I didn’t know I wanted.
Everything I’ve denied myself for years.
But my club is about to storm headfirst into a war and I can’t afford the distraction.
Yet I can’t get her out of my head.
We both say we’re not interested.
But we are both liars.

For years we’ve been running from my past.
My kid brother and me.
Hiding in the shadows.
Now we have a chance for a new life in a new town … far, far away from trouble.
I crave freedom and a quiet, simple life for us both.
The last thing I expect is to fall for the enigmatic biker king, Michael “Bull” Western.
He is magnificent.
White-hot and scorching.
With the touch of an angel and eyes of the devil.
He could be the love of my life.
But I have a secret.
A very big secret indeed …


The Kings of Mayhem adventure continues with Bull and Taylor. What sucked me into this story the prologue,  I literally had to finish the book when I started and beginning to read a book like this late when you have to work the next day is not a good idea 😂  

I love that you get both POV’s in this story, it really enriches the story and gives insight into both of the main characters. The first meeting between Bull and Taylor is pretty explosive, but also kinda cute. Bull is the quiet force that leads the club, and he has lived with heartbreak for 20-something years. He thought his heart was dead and buried but then he meets Taylor, and it’s like a kickstart to his heart. Taylor is strong and smart, she really has to be with the background that she has. But her softer, protective side really comes out with her younger brother. And she fights her attraction to Bull with everything she’s got.

Sizzling hot

Talking about attraction, the chemistry between those two nearly singed the pages. They fight it for as long as they can though, but it is inevitable that they give in and start to explore the connection they share. But their house of cards collapses with one phone call. This book has some twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Secrets and lies are revealed, and the question is; what’s left when everything is burned to the ground? who do you trust?

The Mayhem family

I really enjoy this series, and Bull was a very good addition. It’s very well written and the story flows naturally from the very first page. The MC is a big part, and I really enjoy the byplay and glimpses we get of the other members of the club. Bull had me laughing, cursing, and at times biting fingernails. And I’m guessing that the series as a whole is something I’ll re-read several times, but I sincerely hope that this is not the end and that we get more books from The Kings of Mayhem.





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