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Steel by Serena Akeroyd

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Books, Dark, MC, New releases, Reading, Recommendations, Reviews, Romance | 0 comments

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Steel (Dark and Dirty Sinners’ MC book 4)

Steel’s a prick

He stole my heart when I was a kid, and ever since, he’s refused to let go. He’s clung to me, even as he pushed me away, and I’m tired of it.

I’m over it, and over him. Of the games we play together, the endless waltz of him hurting me to shove distance between us. 

So I’m out of there. 

My future is medicine. If I turn into a crazy cat lady, then so be it. I’m good with that. At least Mrs. Biggins can’t hurt my heart when she poops in my shoes… 

Of course, Mrs. Biggins doesn’t kiss like Steel either. 

One kiss. 

That’s all we’ve had together, and it haunts me. My nights, my days, my waking moments, my sleepingones. A single kiss. Where everything, the stars included, aligned and just felt right. 

But Steel isn’t mine to have… by his choice. And I’ve dealt with that. For years. So when he suddenly changes his mind? What am I supposed to do? Just fall at his feet? 

I don’t think so. 

Find out if Steel and Stone can ever be together in STEEL, book four of A Dark & Dirty Sinners’ MC series. 


It’s not a secret that I love this series. And I think what I love most about it is that even when a story is finished, and a couple get’s their hea, we still see them in the next books and get to follow how their relationship evolves. I also really dig the different POW’s and all the relationships in the club.

But back to Steel.
Steel is an ahole. Really. And the way he’s been treating Stone through the years really makes me want to pull my hair out. But almost dying have a way of putting things into perspective and makes you reevaluate certain things.

He’s a prick. So why do I want him so much?


Stone though, she has reached the point where she just wants to move on, and make a life without Steel. But even though Steel has a lot of things to set right and make up for, he’s not about to give up.

Action-packed, steamy, and full of emotions this was a really great read. I enjoyed the way it was written and really felt the connection and chemistry between Steel and Stone. The build-up was a bit torturous, but it wouldn’t be a dark and dirty sinner without it. And the way everything is woven together is just brilliant, there’s just so many secondary storylines to get interested in. 

I sincerely hope that Keira gets her HEA soon. And I kinda hope it’s with Storm. But it is hard to see how he could ever redeem himself and how she could ever trust him again. But yeah, the story I’m hoping for next is Storm & Keira. Seriously, reading this series is like chocolate, hard to stop and you just want more.

This is not a standalone in my opinion. There’s just so much backstory and continuing storylines that I think would be confusing if you jumped into the series with this one. Start at the beginning with Nyx, you won’t be sorry 😉

Author Bio
Born in England, Serena Akeroyd is a true romance bookaholic. As a reader she will not touch a book unless she knows it has a happy ending, which makes her write the endings that your heart craves!  This addiction, made her want to craft stories to suit her voracious need for steamy, sexy romance. She loves to write stories with plots twists, alpha sexy men, dark humor, and hot AF love scenes. Some are darker than others as she has a taste for the weird and the unexpected.

She writes MF, Menage and Reverse Harem (also known as Why Choose romance) in both con-temporary and paranormal. But she has recently decided to concentrate more on contemporary MF stories, mainly with A Dark and Dirty Sinners’ MC Series and The Filthy Feckers Series.

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