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Hawk by Serena Akeroyd

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Books, Dark, MC, New releases, Reading, Reviews, Romance | 0 comments

Hawk – A Dark&Dirty Sinners’ MC book is finally live! I thought I knew what to expect, but as usual I was completely wrong. This series just keeps getting better and better.
3.5 stars
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Hawk – A Dark & Dirty Sinners’ MC series book 7


To the rest of the world, I’m broken.


But when he looks at me, I know what he sees.

A woman, not a doll.

A fighter, not a victim.

A survivor.

Maybe, he sees underneath that.

Maybe, just maybe, he sees what I was always born to be—a predator.

They took my innocence from me. They stole my adolescence.

Now I’m going to reap upon them what they sowed in me.


This woman hasn’t just been scorned… but the hell I’ll rain down upon them will look like child’s play.

He’s a Sinner, by nature and by vow, but will he take this journey into the depths of depravity with me?

Will his brothers?

Stick around for the ride—we’ll find out if he’s man enough for the job.


An amazed Review:

So, this was different .. in a very good way. I don’t even know where to start with this.
Amara and Hawk were perfect for each other. I loved how their relationship started and how it progressed. Then Quin .. and it just got perfect. I mean .. come on!

Amara is not just broken, she is shattered into a million little pieces. But she wants to live, and slowly but surely she finds her voice and fighting spirit. I loved how Hawk handled her, how loving and patient he was. And also how he was such a grouchy, hellraising bear to everyone else. When they meet Quin, Nyx’s brother, it seems like it all slowly falls into place. Especially since Amara and Quin can help the Sinners’ identify their enemy, finally.

The Sinners’- and Five point universe just keeps expanding, and it’s just plain good worldbuilding and storytelling. It grabs you and keeps hold until the last page, and even then you still want more. And I really love how Serena presents one view of the characthers in one book, and then later shows a completely different side to them. Like, you hate a character in one book and end up loving them in the next. People are not one-dimensional or just one thing, and that is something that is made very clear in this series. And while each book focuses on one couple, we still get to know the other characters really well – both old and new – and it just adds something extra to the overall experience.Like always I can hardly wait for the next book, and I do believe it’s the one I’ve waited for forever – Storm and Keira.


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