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The Crown of Fools by Candice Wright

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Books, Dark, MC, New releases, Recommendations, Romance | 0 comments

The Crown of Fools, the fifth book in the Underestimated series, is out and it gave me the worst book hangover.
3.5 stars
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The Crown of Fools: An underestimated Novel Book 5

The fates hadn’t always been kind to Sunshine

Abandoned as a baby with nothing more than a blanket and a name

Katia ‘Sunshine’ Jones knows what it feels like to be alone.
With her childhood spent navigating the foster system,
She finally finds a home in the arms of a boy who becomes her entire world.
But six years later, a devastating tragedy rips her fairy tale to shreds,
And plunges Sunshine’s life into darkness.
Falling in love had been easy.
But trying to live without him is like trying to breathe without air.
Until they walk into her life and change everything,
Now the woman who clawed her way out of the dark
Might just get a second chance at finding her happily ever after
But with a war heading for Carnage

It seems fate hasn’t finished with her yet


A stunned Review:

So, I’m kinda obsessed with this series, and this book nearly did me in. Honestly I don’t even want to say much about the actual storyline, because it just needs to be experienced. 

This book started as a sad whisper and ended on a mighty roar. I loved Conan and Inigo for Kat. It was really interesting to see how they grew as individuals and also as part of a unit. Adding Wes and Blade was just more icing on a already perfect cake. I would love to see more of their relationship though and how everything turns out.The story has it all, grief and heartbreak but also growth, second chances, redemption and happiness. It was dark and gritty, but also hot and sexy and so funny when I least expected it. 

On this road, that twists and turns so unexpectedly, we also get to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Nothing is as it seems, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.




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