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Jack by Penny Dee

by | May 28, 2021 | Books, MC, New releases, Reviews, Romance | 0 comments

Happy release day Penny Dee! The first book in The Kings of Mayhem MC Tennessee, Jack, is live. A great start to a new chapter.

3.5 stars
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Jack (The Kings of Mayhem Tennessee, book 1)

What doesn’t kill me had better start running…

Life as I knew it ended with a bullet.
It stole my brother from me and destroyed my family.
From the ashes, I rose stronger and meaner, to exact the kind of revenge best served bloody and cold.
I took out every single person I held responsible,
Except one.
He’s a phantom but his days are numbered.
Because I won’t stop until I’m done.

Then she shows up.
The forbidden fruit.
A light to my darkness.
I should resist her because what I touch, I destroy.
And my feisty wildflower deserves more.
More than this.
More than me.

But there is a monster lurking in the shadows.
A psychopath.
Watching her.
Watching us.
His threats torment her.
And they make my black heart burn.
But he should know,
You don’t ever mess with me, or the people I love.

The long and winding road to happiness

Welcome to the Kings of Mayhem, Tennessee. And what a start to the new chapter this was.

After a tragedy all Jack lives for is revenge and his club. But then Bronte gets back in town, the girl next door and his brothers best friend. They both have trauma and troubles to deal with, and their story is not for the faint at heart. 

This story pulls you in rather quickly and is hard to put down. I did not connect with Bronte at first, I just didn’t “get” her as a character and didn’t feel like she was the one for Jack. I just didn’t see it. But holy h … she grew on me quicly and the two of them are just right for each other. This story had everything that I like in a book, and the ups and downs, twist and turns were unreal and kept me guessing and turning pages the whole time. What a ride 🙂

It’s a slow burn romance between Jack and Bronte, and I like that this gives us a chance to get to know the new chapter and it’s members better. I also enjoyed catching up with a few “old” characters. Can’t wait to see where this road takes us next.


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