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Storm Damage by CP Smith

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Books, Contemporary, New releases, Reading, Reviews, Romance | 0 comments

CP Smith is hands down one of my favorite authors, and I just plain love her books – especially the Wallflower-series. Imagine my happiness when I saw that she’s starting another series, and finally, Storm Damage, the first book in the Big Sky series, is live!
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Storm Damage (Big Sky series book 1)

Logan Storm, an ex-Delta Force sniper, with scars on the inside, is drifting through life on his way to nowhere. While trying to make peace with his past, Logan encounters a young bar owner and her brothers, with trouble brewing the size of Montana.

Skylar James is worn out. She’s trying to raise her two teenage brothers and hold on to the only home they’ve ever known: 500 acres won by her father in a poker game before they were born.

Luckily for Skylar, Logan finds the peace he’s been looking for in the all-American beauty and decides to stick around Ennis, Montana just as adversaries renew old feuds and bodies begin to pile up in the aftermath.


One of the reasons why I love CP Smith’s writing is that she really gets the characters right in her stories, especially the alpha male (kinda like Aurora Rose Reynolds). And her writing never fails to make me feel and get invested in her stories. The blurb for this book says it all, and I’m not going to get into more of the storyline in case my ranting gives away big spoilers. 

“We calmed demons for the other like two puzzle pieces destined to fit.”

The big thing these characters have in common is loss. Logan lost his entire team and deals with feelings of guilt and despair, while Skylar became the sole parent to her two brothers and had to put her dreams on hold. Throw in an evil half-brother, tons of secrets, murder, and mayhem and you have a perfect read. The chemistry between the characters was off the charts, and the secondary characters just as perfect. I love a small-town romance, and especially when the townies band together and stand up for what’s right. So I’ll just quit now before I give too much away, but I just got to say that I can hardly wait for Big Sky 2!

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