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Bittersweet by Jessica Prince

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Books, Contemporary, New releases, Reading, Recommendations, Reviews, Romance, SmallTown | 0 comments

Bittersweet is finally live!  
Visit Redemption, Tennessee, and fall in love with the people there =)
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Bittersweet (Redemption Book 3)

She thought he was just a cocky, spoiled rich kid. She had it so very wrong.

Shane Hendrix had a hundred-foot reinforced steel wall around her heart to keep people out, so when she first laid eyes on Jensen Rose, she wanted nothing to do with him. But what started as disdain quickly grew into something so much more. He went from being the boy she hated to the man she loved with all her heart. Then he left without so much as a goodbye, leaving her shattered.

Jensen Rose didn’t have much good in his life. That was until he stumbled on a ray of light standing in the middle of his bedroom. He had to have her, and once he did, he loved her with every single piece of himself. But when his past threatened to rip them apart, he did the only thing he could think to protect her. He walked away.

When he returned to Redemption, Tennessee, it was with every intention of winning back the love of his life. But she’s not giving in without a fight.

And this is a battle he intends to win.

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If you love a small-town romance, this is definitely the book and series for you!
I think I’ve waited for this book since book 1, and finally, it’s here; Shane and Jensens’s story.

Shane is strong, independent, and just a good person. She’s been through a lot and has had her share of heartbreak through the years. I’ve really liked her from the first introduction and just hoped she’d get her HEA. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted Jensen for her. Until this book.
Cause’ holy moly, what’s not to love about Jensen? I get why he left, but I do think he could have done more to avoid the situation or just gotten her a message – something! Instead of just disappearing like that. But now he’s back for his family, and nothings gonna stop him.

I really liked the push/pull and the chemistry between these two. The writing is great as always and the story just flows from the very first page. The supporting characters really carried a lot of the story as always, and it wouldn’t be the same without them. If I were to move to a small town, Redemption would be my choice, or maybe Hope Valley. Either way, grab your copy today and dive in. Or better yet, start with the first one and the Hope Valley series too. Autumn really is made for staying inside under a blanket with a good book after all =)


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