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Wallflower by Jessica Prince

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Books, New releases, Reading, Recommendations, Reviews, Romance, SmallTown | 0 comments

Wallflower brings us back to one of my favorite small-towns, Redemption.

3.5 stars
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Wallflower (Redemption book 5)

She’d spent her entire life as a wallflower, hiding from the rest of the world. Willow Thorne had gotten really good at blending in with the wallpaper. The shy, quiet little mouse was more comfortable spending her days in her protective little bubble. Then she met a big, burly mechanic who looked really good on a motorcycle and made her feel things she’d never felt before. Gavin “Stone” Hendrix didn’t do commitment, and love was completely out of the question. After spending the first half of his life taking care of everyone else, he was done being the responsible one. Then he met a shy, nervous brunette who knocked him off his feet and made him question everything he thought he believed. Willow brought out his protective instincts. Stone made her want to step out of her shell. No one in a million years expected the hard-as-stone biker to fall for the wallflower, but the small town of Redemption was in for a major surprise.

Redemption, in more ways than one.

  Wallflower brings us back to the small town of Redemption, and back to my favorite cast of characters. Willow has worked as a reseptionist for Elite, Jensen’s security company, for years. She’s shy and a bit awkward around others, and has had a huge crush on Stone for a long while. Stone is Shane’s brother and while he knows who she is – he doesn’t see her that way. He is a bit of a player, does not want a relationship, and has a ton of baggage. Until one day he notices her, but pushes everything away and way down. I think this book really hit me where I live. As always the writing is great and Jessica Prince knows how to write a story that will suck you right in. But what really hit me was how much I could relate to Willow. The shyness, the awkwardness in social settings, the difficulties with talking to other people and just that feeling of being invisible. I know how all that feels, so that made this story a bit more real to me.

This road was a mess of twists and turns and it had some frustrating moments, but it got us there in the end. I loved Willow and Stone’s journey. The secondary characters were great as always, and I enjoyed that we got to catch up with some of the “old” characters. And honestly, I got very curious about some of the other guys at Elite and hope we see them in future Redemption-books.


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